Backup restore

Software Factory provides an Ansible playbook sf_backup that aims to retrieve services data into a single directory on the install-server: /var/lib/software-factory/backup. Then this directory can be extracted onto a backup server (using rsync for example).

The sfconfig command provides a recover method that setup a Software Factory with the backed up data from /var/lib/software-factory/backup.

Create a backup

To run the backup playbook, from the install-server use the following command:

# ansible-playbook /var/lib/software-factory/ansible/sf_backup.yml


The sf-ops repository from the Software Factory project provides a backup playbook that will fetch the backup directory from a Software Factory instance and store it locally.

Recover a backup

On a fresh deployment, recover will deploy the backup and run the Software Factory setup tasks.

Before running that command, on the install-server node:

  • Install the sf-release package (same version than your previous deployment)
  • Install the sf-config package
  • Copy the backup data into the /var/lib/software-factory/backup directory
  • Verify that the arch in /etc/software-factory/arch.yml is as expected for your deployment. You can compare to the legacy arch.yml file from /var/lib/software-factory/backup/install-server/etc/software-factory/arch.yaml

The recover will run:

  • install tasks
  • data restoring tasks
  • setup tasks
  • validation tasks
# sfconfig --recover