Upgrade Software Factory

To maintain the Software Factory nodes (part of the architecture) up to date, simply uses:

sfconfig --update

The command takes care of updating packages (system and software factory) on all nodes. Some services may be restarted if their version changed and sfconfig will run migration tasks automatically if needed.

To upgrade to a new release of Software Factory:

yum install -y https://softwarefactory-project.io/repos/sf-release-3.6.rpm
yum update -y sf-config
sfconfig --update

Prevent services auto-restart

The update process restarts services when their version changed. This behavior can be disabled for critical services like Zuul and Nodepool. To do so add the following extra vars to the custom-vars.yaml file. Default is False.

echo "disable_zuul_autorestart: True" >> /etc/software-factory/custom-vars.yaml
echo "disable_nodepool_autorestart: True" >> /etc/software-factory/custom-vars.yaml

Then, you can restart those services by following the instuctions below: