Log Classify Operator

Software Factory bundles log classification utilities to enable automatic anomaly detection in CI job logs.

The only supported integration is with the zuul base job, where anomaly detection automatically happens at the end of the job.

Base Job Integration

To enable the zuul-jobs roles in the base job, just add “log-classify” to the install server role list and run sfconfig:

# /etc/software-factory/arch.yaml
  - name: managesf
      - install-server
      - log-classify

This automatically installs the utility on the executor nodes and configures the base job roles to generate a report when a job fail.

The integration also adds an upload model action to store any models built by the job. The default location is /var/www/logs/classifiers on the logserver. Further failure may re-use pre-built models. The models are automatically re-created every seven days.

Check the user documentation for further configuration.